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Kevin Lockette, PT

MOVE-IT Book now available
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MOVE IT! is the first publication of it's kind! It is a complete movement, exercise and resource guide for Parkinson's Disease.

"MOVE IT! - An Exercise and Mobility Guide for Parkinson's Disease" was inspired by persons with Parkinson's Disease (PD). The author, Kevin Lockette, physical therapist and co-author of Conditioning with Physical Disabilities, Human Kinetics Publishers, has seen many persons with PD as and has taught community exercise classes for PD support groups for many years. To his amazement, nearly every time, there were patients, both newly diagnosed or persons who had PD for 20+ years, who had stated that they learned something that made a profound difference in their daily lives. He continued to teach and continued to get cards and phone calls of gratitude for the techniques and exercises that were taught.

The book includes:

  • Overview of physical symptoms.
  • Medication review in easily understandable terms.
  • Techniques and tricks for improved mobility including bed mobility, transfers & walking.
  • Anti-freezing techniques that really work!
  • Adaptive Devices for easier everyday living.
  • Assisted Device overview for safer walking.
  • Complete exercise programs specific for Parkinson's Disease.
  • Exercise programs for all physical levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).
  • Complete guide and exercise program for flexibility and much more!.

Kevin Lockette's PD patients, friends, caregivers, and physicians have persistently encouraged him to pursue the project to bring this useful information to a wider audience.

The project gathered steam as Wally Amos, of cookie and reading awareness fame, joined on as the narrator and Dr Yee, a neurologist, joined in as well. Lockette states, "Wally (Amos) was nothing but terrific! He brought so much to the production. Wally has friends who suffer from Parkinson's Disease, and he simply wanted to help. I kept trying to convince Wally and he said, 'Stop trying to convince me. I was sold on this project with the first mention of it.'"

"Thanks for teaching me 'the poor man's hula'. I can get out of being frozen so easily now."

Exercise in conjunction with medication is one of the best things that can be done to counteract the negative physical effects of Parkinson's Disease. Traditional or conventional exercise programs do not always carry-over well or meet the specific needs of dealing with PD symptoms.

"I use the imaginary poles when I have to get up at night and now I rarely fall!"

This project is truly the first of its kind in many ways. Much of the material in this book and DVD is not available presently to a wide audience, and it is also the first book/DVD on this topic written and directed by a physical therapist.

PD is a movement disorder that is unique. Due to this fact, the video/DVD format is the best way to illustrate movement techniques and exercise with actual persons with PD. The book format also offers useful additional information that is best presented in written form/text.

"My exercise program gives me so much energy the next day I almost forget to take my meds."

Lockette also states that the mobility techniques and exercises can also apply to seniors who have different disabilities or who have some difficulty with mobility. "There is great relevance to this material. There truly are not many comprehensive resources on exercise and mobility for the disabled seniors or the more frail elderly. MOVE IT carries over well to this population," states Lockette.

Kevin and Wally

Available on DVD
featuring Wally Amos as the narrator.

This exercise Book and DVD is a "must have" addition to any library for persons with Parkinson's Disease, family members and caregivers. MOVE IT! Is also an excellent resource training tool for health professionals who work with PD patients.

Katherine Kim, MPH
NPF/Hawaii PD Center of Excellence

Also available by Kevin Lockette PT

Ultimate Caregiver's Guide

Harbours Press. Click here for the table of contents and introductory chapter.

Drawing on his more than twenty years as a practicing physical therapist, author Kevin Lockette has compiled an unparalleled resource for home caregivers: A Caregiver's Complete Guide for Safe Mobility and Independence in the Home delivers exactly what its title states. Lockette's numerous strategies and tips focus on how to offer safe caregiving, especially as it relates to the care-receiver's mobility and independence. But he also gives attention to the safety of the caregiver, because, as he wisely notes, "If a caregiver is injured, it frequently results in the care-receiver losing the ability to remain in a community setting."

This book has easily referenced chapters on such topics as body mechanics (including principles of safe lifting), guidelines for transfers (including considerations for body type and various disabilities), adaptive and assistive devices for the care-receiver, fall prevention and fall-proofing the home, and information on types of wheelchairs. He also includes detailed instructions (with illustrations) on appropriate exercises for the minimally to moderately impaired. A helpful glossary is provided, as are several appendices, which offer important information on various caregiver associations, caregiver-specific Web sites, and numerous connected resources.

"Kevin Lockette PT has written extensively on rehabilitation and exercise for those with physical impairments. In this, his latest book, he goes beyond a simple guide for caregivers; he demonstrates his passion for his field as he adroitly shares his indispensable information with his readers. As a caregiver, you wouldn't want anything less for those in your care. With A Caregiver's Complete Guide for Safe Mobility and Independence in the Home, you won't need anything more."

Bruce Katsura MD

Physiatry and Rehabilitation Services LLP

"Over the last 20 years, physical therapy clinician Kevin Lockette has systematically amassed a wealth of skills, practical knowledge and tips to promote independence in the home setting. Now this publication represents his scholarly contribution at a time when long-term caring is shifting rapidly from institutional to home and community-based settings. A Caregiver's Complete Guide for Safe Mobility and Independence in the Home is set to become a valuable resource for family caregivers, home care agencies and small adult care or foster homes everywhere. This is a practical guide that they have been looking for."

Cullen T. Hayashida, Ph.D. - Kupuna (Elder) Education Center, Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu, Hawaii

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