Kevin Lockette PT (Author of Move It) and Wally Amos.

We are extremely excited to publish this book which is truly the first of its kind in many ways. Much of the material in this book and DVD is not available presently to a wide audience and it is also the first book/DVD on this topic written and directed by a physical therapist.

Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a movement disorder that is unique. Due to this fact, the video/DVD format is the best way to illustrate movement techniques and exercise with actual persons with PD. The book format also offers useful additional information that is best presented in written form/text.

Here is a short synopsis of each chapter:

I. Review of physical manifestations of PD so that we can better understand how to combat them.
II. Teach mobility techniques that apply both scientific approaches of physical therapy as well as pragmatic solutions.
III. Review assistive devises for safer walking.
IV. Fall prevention strategies, how to fall and what to do when you are on the floor.
V. Review many of adaptive equipment devices that will help maintain independence.
VI-VIII. Exercise programs exclusively designed for PD.
IX. Flexibility program designed to maintain independence and avoid other musculo-skeletal injuries.

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This book/DVD is truly unique in emphasizing the importance of conscious feed back to modify everyday movement. I hope all patients with Parkinson's disease will utilize this material and incorporate various strategy to their movements, and make exercise their routine.

Michiko Kimura Bruno, M.D
Neurologist, Movement Disorder Specialist