Our video and book are based on Parkinson's Exercise

At Move-It our aim is to help anyone that has Parkinson's Disease. = We created a great book and video that show our Parkinsons Exercise program and how we can help you.

"MOVE IT! - An Exercise and Mobility Guide for Parkinson's Disease" was inspired by persons with Parkinson's Disease (PD). The author, Kevin Lockette, physical therapist and co-author of Conditioning with Physical Disabilities, Human Kinetics Publishers, has seen many persons with PD as and has taught community exercise classes for PD support groups for many years. To his amazement, nearly every time, there were patients, both newly diagnosed or persons who had PD for 20+ years, who had stated that they learned something that made a profound difference in their daily lives.

Exercise in conjunction with medication is one of the best things that can be done to counteract the negative physical effects of Parkinson's Disease. Traditional or conventional exercise programs do not always carry-over well or meet the specific needs of dealing with PD symptoms.

For information on our Parkinsons Exercise video

For information on our Parkinsons Exercise book

Parkinsons Exercise

Move-It believes all of our clients are very important to us and we look forward to being able to help you.

Our goal is to offer the Finest Parkinsons Exercise Book and Video

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The book was released on February 1, 2009.

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